...Introduction, and Coaching Concepts

Why a Web Site on Coaching Fencing?
What is there to write about? How can this web site help me? What makes this different from all the fencing books in print?

Schools of Fencing
Noted Italian Maestro Alberto Bernacchi gives his perspective on modern schools of fencing.

The Art of Strip Coaching
A minute break can be a long time when you don't know what to say.

Lies, Damn Lies, and Feints
Morality, and a fundamental fencing tactic.

The Student Controlled Lesson
To win a fencing bout, one fencer must dominate the other. Where do they learn that?

Understanding Tempo in the Lesson
Tempo: what is it? What is its role in teaching fencing, and its application in lessons?

Using Footwork Patterns in Foil and Épée Lessons
Many coaches USE footwork, but how many coaches TEACH footwork? Some ideas on integrating footwork into the lesson.

Noise in Lessons
Fencing is a combat sport, and part of combat is the "fog of war". Some tips on creating confusion and doubt in lessons. (Believe us, it's a good thing).

What is a Preparation?
In which the author attempts to define the almost indefinable.

Compound Footwork: The Next Step.
Everyone does footwork, but who does it well? Some thoughts on footwork after "advance", "retreat", and "lunge".

The Importance of Seeding, or Why Can't I Win Any DE Bouts?
The author looks at some factors in success in fencing big tournaments.

The Importance of Preparation
"When" to attack is as important as "how" to attack.

The Advance in Preparation Drill
Sometimes students prepare when they are too close, or lunge when they are too far away. Is there a way to fix that?

...The Mental Game

So You Really Want to Win?
Olympian Dave Littell has some wise advice for game day.

Mental Toughness
Not born "mentally tough"? Relax, you can do this.


The Bent Arm Attack in Foil
Is "arm before foot" dead? We think so.

The Hungarian Methodology—Tying it All Together
Dave Littell explains the Hungarian approach to hand tempo, foot tempo, and joining the two together.

Lessons With Victor
Dave Littell's brief monograph on his lessons with noted coach, Victor Bukov.

Countering the Counter-Attacker
The 2005 timings have brought a new reality to foil. What to do about the counter-attacker?


Four Épée Templates—A Road Map For the Épée Coach
Understanding these four common épée situations helps you, and helps your student.

Épée Tempo
There is more to épée than picking at the hand. How to attack the deep targets with success.

42 Views of Épée
Maitré Paul Sise lists the classic épée exercises and drills everyone should know.

A Structured Approach to Épée
Some don'ts, some do's, and a lesson plan in a Tauber-style épée progression.


Intermediate Saber Actions
After "On Guard" and "flunge", what else is there to teach in saber?

Some Thoughts on Saber
Notes from a series of seminars given by one of the top saber coaches in the United States.